Joint Commissioning Unit

The Joint Commissioning Unit is a lead contributor in the strategic planning and commissioning of services in order to improve outcomes for all children and young people (0-19) in Kent, particularly those who are vulnerable. In doing so, the Unit works in close partnership with senior colleagues in the Children, Families & Education Directorate (CFE) and other statutory agencies as well as the Third Sector to develop mechanisms for joint planning and commissioning services that ensure fully integrated systems of support to meet specific need.

The role of the Unit is to support, build upon and enhance collaborative multi-agency working and commissioning in the children’s services arena with the aim of improving outcomes for all children and young people (wellbeing, safety, educational attainment and achievement, health and enjoyment), particularly those who are the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in their communities.

Key areas of work are:

Facilitate and support integrated working and processes and system development and improvement in line with the Kent Children’s Trust’s agreed frameworks.