Kent Educational Psychology Service

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Who we are

Kent Educational Psychology Service is a Local Authority service and aims to improve outcomes for vulnerable children and young people. Our Practice Framework guides us in how we will work together with you.

All our Educational Psychologists are registered with the Health Professional Council (HPC).

What we do

Educational Psychologists apply psychology within the educational system and the community. We specialise in promoting learning, lifelong development, emotional well-being and satisfying lives for children, young people and their families by:

Traded services (EduKent)

Kent Educational Psychology Service offers a range of traded services and products that schools and other customers can purchase. These include;

For more information, visit our pages on the EduKent website.

Who we work with

The services we provide

Our work involves the following activities:

What we believe in

In the many activities we do, we are committed to:

How to get involvement from the Educational Psychology Service

Helpful Booklets

We have a range of helpful booklets.