Education of Looked After Children

Many Kent schools have pupils looked after by a local authority. The term ‘looked after children’ (LAC) refers to children who are in public care. These young people may be accommodated in children’s homes, in foster homes or be living at home or with extended families on Care Orders. Some children are looked after by Kent County Council by virtue of being unaccompanied asylum seeking children.

The children can be at risk of underachieving at school because they have experienced disruption to their family life and education. Some may have low expectations, poor emotional and psychological health and a lack of family support.

Education can be a pathway to a better life for them and Kent County Council is determined to raise the achievement of looked after children.

Each local authority has a responsibility under the Children Act to safeguard and promote the welfare and education of all young people it looks after. A duty of ‘corporate parenting’ requires the authority to do all that a ‘good parent’ would. Government guidelines gives specific responsibilities to all those involved in providing or supporting their education.