KCC - Education, Learning and Skills

The Outdoor Education Unit was established in April 2003 following recommendations issued by the DCSF (now DfE) in August 2002. We are here to advise and support LA Schools and Youth Centres on all issues relating to Educational Visits.

Visits that include an overnight stay and/or adventurous activities MUST obtain KCC approval via the e-Go online system as per current guidance. Visits that involve travelling to locations outside of Kent and do not include adventurous activities or a residential element must be recorded via e-Go as a NOTIFICATION.

Providers Database

There are now 1000’s of vetted providers on the e-Go database in Kent, across the UK and the World!

If you require an activity, accommodation or a combination of both for your visit, it is very likely that we have already vetted someone to provide it in the area of your choice.

Please use the database or phone and ask us for vetted providers, before looking at any un-vetted providers. We can help you to find a vetted provider to meet your specific needs and location.

Un-Vetted providers will now require 12 weeks to complete the vetting process as activity or accommodation providers. Please get in touch with us early when planning your visits!

Remember do not book with or pay deposits to un-vetted providers until vetting is complete (as we cannot guarantee they will meet the requirements).

Remember to use LOtC Quality Badge providers where possible.